TomTom One V3 buzzer output

I was just attempting to use the /dev/buz device on a TomTom One V3 for debugging purposes but the test code below failed on the attempt to open the device driver despite trying a few combinations of open flags. The device seemed to be installed OK but I noticed in the Barcelona kernel source it is written for exclusive access so presumably the main ttn application opens it. I need the navigator application open while debugging my app so tomorrow will take a look at getting something out of a serial port.

int fd = open(“/dev/buz”, O_RDONLY | O_NONBLOCK | O_NOCTTY);
cout << "fd: " << fd << endl; int result = ioctl(_IO('U', 3), 0); cout << "result: " << result << endl; sleep(10); close(fd); exit(0); [/sourcecode]

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