TomTom One V3 console access

By default the TomTom One doesn’t give console access over ttySAC0, instead it looks like a plug & play daemon periodically polls the port possibly for a GPRS modem. A few attempts at allowing access to the shell with TomTom Navigator running concurrently failed so rather than modifying the ttpnpd file that I use to launch my main application I created a file called SerialTTY.cap in the SDKRegistry directory:

AppMainTitle|Serial TTY|

And in the bin directory created a small shell script called SerialTTY to perform the redirection between the shell and the /dev/ttySAC0 port:

cd /mnt/sdcard
stty -F /dev/ttySAC0 115200
sh < /dev/ttySAC0 > /dev/ttySAC0 2>&1

All works well and after the initial period I didn’t see any more interference from the plug & play daemon. I noticed in the /bin directory (on the internal filesystem) that the lrz binary is provided and successfully used it to perform a zmodem file transfer. In conjunction with a few scripts this may be a more convenient way to transfer new binary images to the device rather than going through the reboot required when using the USB mass storage interface.

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  1. Hi Peter

    Do you access the console of tomtom one v3 via usb-plug (or did you do some welding on tomtom`s board to get a seriel port)?
    I “only” want to use it as gps-reciver, is there a chance without modifying the device?
    My tt1 v3 has no sd-slot and no BT. Only powerbutton, reset, antennaconnection and usb. Over the usbconnection I can use it only as storage-device and the directories and files on it don`t look like a linux OS.
    I loaded the cdc-acm-module and tryed to connect the tt from terminal (that works fine with a mobile as modem)…I know it not a modem:) You see I`m walking in the dark and would be happy for some hints.

    1. Hi Steff, I modified the board, as you’ve found the USB only works as a mass storage class by default. I’m guessing what you’re calling the antenna connection is the connection for accesories such as the traffic data receiver and looks a bit like a microphone jack? If so you can get at the serial port over that, see the post, however I couldn’t find a source for the connectors which is why I pulled my unit apart and added the different lead. I noticed somone has posted a hint about using old iPod interfaces to get the connector, although you’d need to buy a TTL to serial converter and still do a bit of soldering.

      It’s been a while since I looked at it but I don’t think the kernel supports CDC so I can’t really think of any way to acheive it without using the serial port. I guess you’re trying to save a few bucks but I found the output from the receiver to be somewhat bursty and I don’t think the hardware / software GPS receiver the V3 receiver uses is quite as a good as a SiRF III or UBlox receiver. It might be worth shelling out for a USB GPS receiver now they are only around $50.

  2. Hi Peter, I send a message some days ago, but it did not work. However, i wanted to thank you for the fast reply and yes you are all right, I want to save some bucks, but it´s not only that. If I have a device that does already a job, I´m very interested trying to use it allround (but not with the TT, I need it and will follow your advice).
    And thanks for the link with the mac-plug. If I find one I will try it out. I already soldered a TTL-adapter ( very proud:)), that I needed to play open-nas software(very good howto) on a allnet6200 with broken firmware (a friend of mine found it on the rubbish).
    You have a very nice page – thank you steff

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