TomTom One V3 RS232 Interface

The RS232 cable was attached to the TomTom and all works fine with the serial interface. I also attached the suspected audio line out to pin 1 on the cable and the line input to pin 2 in case they prove useful in the future. They are normally RTS/CTS on the PmodRS232 board but it has removable jumpers that will provide convenient access to the lines.


5 thoughts on “TomTom One V3 RS232 Interface”

  1. G’day Peter,

    I wonder with this interface, can you connect it to a computer to drive Oziexplorer? Also can it be used for APRS? Auto Position Reporting System (amateur radio) ?


    1. Hi Bob, the NMEA data can be redirected out the port no problem so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with either application, it is standard NMEA. Something like the following should to the trick:

      stty -F /dev/ttySAC0 4800
      cat /var/run/gpsfeed > /dev/ttySAC0

      After startup I noticed the plug & play daemon seems to output a bit of junk on the port, but if you were to put the above in the SDKRegistry as described elsewhere and fire it up after things have settled down with the startup sequence it should all be OK. Most applications will cope OK with a bit of unknown junk on the NMEA stream however I noticed while the plug & play detection is happening it seems to try a few different baud rates and may leave the serial port set for the wrong rate.

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