TomTom V3 GPS feed finally resolved

After believing I had the problem solved with the TomTom GPS feed after some quick bench testing I was looking forward to gathering some good test data during a business trip to Victoria that involved quite a bit of driving around. Unfortunately the problem cropped back up during mobile testing and I didn’t have time to troubleshoot before leaving. Presumably the extra processing the TomTom navigator application was doing while moving and calculating routes caused the timing of everything to alter a little and rendered the data I collected uselesss.

After further investigation today despite trying a few different techniques the C++ stream failbits and eof bit I was relying on don’t seem to get set correctly for the GPS feed. I’m not sure yet if this by design, a bug in the GCC ARM C++ standard libraries or a problem with the TomTom GPS driver. Once I knew the underlying problem it was easy to change the application logic to cope with the blocking that not having the eof indicator caused. I’ve now confirmed during further driving tests I can collect 100% of data to progress the KML and HTML data generation. Soon I will change my GPS C++ library to use threads rather than relying on the eof bit, a side-effect of my current workaround is that the signals I use to shut down the application gracefully won’t be received in a timely manner.

2 thoughts on “TomTom V3 GPS feed finally resolved”

  1. Hello.
    I’d like to ask you two questions:

    1) Do you able to run your data logger at system boot? I’ve heard that /var/run/gpsfeed is not available until ttn application has started.
    I’m searching Internet for resolving the problem.

    2) Could you please send me the source code of your application? 🙂

    1. Hi Snaky, I run at boot time but you’re correct it’s not immediately available so I have a delay of 10 seconds to allow TTN to start before attempting to open it. That’s not a problem because invariably the GPS hasn’t acquired by then anyway. I’m sorry but I can’t release the source code for various commercial reasons, on they have a datalogger application including source code called TTTracklog that you may be interested in.

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