Radio Communications Tasmania Police Scanner

Tasmanian police scanner part 4


At the start of September 2023 Tasmania Police moved to an encrypted P25 network known as the Tasmanian Government Radio Network. Therefore unfortunately the scanner feed is no longer available.


There’s a new location for the Tasmania police scanner that allows secure TLS (HTTPS) connections to support more mobile devices and newer browsers. The new page is available at:

Tasmania Police Scanner

The scanner still receives from the Mount Wellington repeater so the majority of traffic is for Hobart and the remainder of Southern Tasmania. It will be available between approximately 9:00AM – Midnight AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) while I have my PC running.

While the existing page at will remain available for the moment please update your bookmarks to use the new page.

Now that it’s running on a separate site over time some more information will be added such as Tasmanian police frequencies and information on configuring your own EDACS scanner.