Linux Programming

POSIX threads under arm-linux-g++

Today I was changing my TomTom datalogger to use threads for GPS reception and initially had some linking problems despite including pthread.h in the C++ source code and adding -lpthread to the linker options. The thing that threw me at first was pthread_create linked fine but I was getting linker undefined reference errors to other common POSIX threading calls such as pthread_exit and pthread_join.

At first I was worried that arm-linux-g++ didn’t support POSIX threads and was only providing an unimplemented stub routine for pthread_create that satisified the linker but didn’t work. It turned out however that POSIX threading is supported by GCC for the ARM but it doesn’t sit well with static linking of the libraries. I’d only used static linking for initial convenience when I wasn’t sure what libraries would be required, once the project was converted to dynamic linking of the LGPL libraries required by the project everything worked fine.