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Firefox AJAX requests from different domain / site

Recently I’ve been writing a GPS mapping web page based on the OpenLayers JavaScript library that retrieves GPS data from the server via AJAX. For development convenience I was just storing the HTML file on my local drive for development and fetching the XML data from a different SQL/Server 2008 machine. This worked fine from IE but from FireFox the XMLHttpRequest I was getting a status of 0 (zero) returned and no data.

It turns out this is a security measure to avoid cross-site scripting which is quite sensible but not that convenient for testing, and in this application the authentication happens at a different level so cross-site scripting isn’t an issue. I found the solution is to add an HTTP header of Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * to the response. Of course you should consider the implications carefully outside of a test environment. As my code is written as a traditional ASP file this just consisted of adding the following line:

response.AddHeader “Access-Control-Allow-Origin”, “*”